What is the CRF Program?

The Correctional Residential Facility (CRF) program provides residential services, case management and counselling support to individuals on conditional release from Federal Institutions. In partnership with Correctional Services of Canada (CSC), the program enrolls up to 48 clients at a time, helps them address various concerns, and prepares them for safe re-integration into the community. The goal of the CRF is to assist CSC in reintegrating offenders into society while maintaining public safety.

We understand that this is a challenging transition for many. This is why our CRF program is staffed by a diverse group of experienced individuals including caseworkers, an outreach worker, a mental health worker, a substance abuse counsellor, as well as management oversight. We work in collaboration with other Vancouver Harbour Light Programs to provide holistic care for our clients. Each staff member manages a caseload of clients to whom they provide resources, guidance, training, education, goal-planning, program delivery and exit-planning. Additionally, staff also supervise and monitor clients to ensure they are abiding by applicable laws, parole conditions and house rules. Clients at Harbour Light CRF are treated with dignity and respect and are encouraged to participate in the various programs offered.

By providing these services, Harbour Light CRF works to promote public safety in the DTES and connect applicable services/resource agencies to clients in need. Over the years, Harbour Light CRF has developed partnerships with key agencies in the DTES. Thanks to their support and collaboration, the CRF program can assist our clients with their unique needs.

We are looking forward to exciting changes in the coming years for our CRF Program. We will expand our capacity to 50 clients, making it the largest CRF in the Metro Vancouver West area. We will also be introducing specific training for staff that will better equip them with the skills to manage client trends. Based on current trends, particular focus will be given to training regarding Indigenous and Transgender clients. Lastly, we are exploring the idea of adding an Indigenous Elder to our team to provide culturally-relevant counselling to our Indigenous clients. Stay tuned!

— Kevin Luan, CRF Program Manager

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