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Good Neighbour Statement
Our neighbourhood is important to us and we believe in being good neighbours. Harbour Light Staff & Clients will be good neighbours by demonstrating:

  1. Respect – respecting others, accepting our differences, and resolving problems with an attitude of mutual regard and care.
  2. Enjoyment – enjoying our neighbourhood, its parks and services, appreciating the right of others to enjoy them too, and doing our part to help keep these spaces clean.
  3. Safety – keeping safety for ourselves and others as a priority, not doing anything that would harm or give others cause to feel unsafe, and reporting unsafe situations or conditions to someone who can help.
  4. Gratitude – saying “thanks” for the good things we receive each day, understanding that gratitude is an important part of healthy community, showing appreciation to our neighbours just as we like to be appreciated.


Feedback from Neighbours
Harbour Light welcomes and values feedback from our neighbours. Comments may be made at our main Reception located at 119 E Cordova, 604-646-6800. These will be forwarded to the attention of the Harbour Light Manager of Community Resources for immediate follow-up.