What Does the Environment Services Program Do?

To feel safe, secure, and comfortable are basic human needs. These needs come before we can even think of other things and dealing with the challenges in life. In addition to providing for basic needs such as food and shelter, Harbour Light is a place where lives are reclaimed and where one’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs are met in a very loving and confidential environment. And naturally, for such a positive change to occur, it’s critical to have a quality environmental services program consisting of dedicated housekeeping and maintenance staff, working to create and maintain safe and secure surroundings.

One of the duties of environmental services team members is to support all other programs by providing clean and sanitary living environments, as well as comfortable work environments. On a day-to-day basis, environmental services ensures that all surfaces (i.e., hallways, stairs, washrooms, kitchen, offices, and storage) are clean and sanitized. And spaces are replenished with the needed supplies. The environmental services team inspects and repairs mechanical and life-safety systems to ensure they are functioning properly, and that the air we breathe and the water we drink are safe. The environmental services team also ensures that spaces around our facilities, like sidewalks, are safe to travel on. And that the building exterior is presentable, and any graffiti removed so that people feel dignified coming to our doors for services.

Our staff understand their work is vital to supporting other departments and for our clients to be successful. We aim for clients who enter our community and shelter programs to feel welcome so that they can start thinking about their next step in life. For some it will involve speaking with one of our chaplains, or going through detox, or our treatment program, or simply being heard through sharing their life story with one of the staff members.

Our hope and efforts are always to serve through creating safe, clean, and welcoming spaces for our community, clients, and staff.

– Surinder Khangura,

Vancouver Harbour Light

Director of Environmental Services

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