Phase 3

In Phase 3, you’ll gain increasing confidence in your recovery and work on increasing your independence from the program. You’ll maintain the support of your group and your counsellor, but generally spend less time in counselling sessions. This phase of the program focuses on relapse prevention, goal setting, and preparing for daily life in recovery.

In this Phase, you become eligible to participate in more of our in-house leadership development programs, and you may even start going to school or work part-time.

What to Expect
On Mondays, you’ll check-in with your group, and submit your weekly journal and accountability sheets to your counsellor. Each week, you’ll have one individual counselling session, and participate in community meals twice.

On Wednesdays, you’ll join the After Care group, working together to create relapse prevention plans, and address common triggers and support resources. You’ll lay the foundation for life after treatment by exploring housing, education, and employment opportunities that support your specific goals.

The 12-step program continues in Phase 3. Your individual step work will be focused on Steps 6-12. You’ll continue attending Alumni Group on Thursday evenings, and four other 12-step meetings in-house or in the community.