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Our skills development programs offer practical, hands-on training and work experience for clients refreshing or learning new marketable skills.

Volunteers Work Experience Program (VWEP)
VWEP is a job readiness program designed to assist our CRF and addiction treatment clients in gaining transferable job skills and work experience through practical, hands-on volunteer work and training. VWEP uses an individualized approach that supports clients in seeking new opportunities for their future. The VWEP Coordinator plays a key role in recruiting and managing the participants. In collaboration with the treatment staff, the coordinator assesses each participant and tailors a job skills development program especially for them.

Culinary Program
This eight week, part-time program offers participants an introduction to commercial kitchen environments. Participants learn basic skills from each of the kitchen stations, ranging from dishwashing to prep work to cooking, to help them decide if they would like to pursue training or employment in the food service industry. Participants are selected from Phase 2 or 3 of the Treatment program, to support their return to work after treatment.

In its’ first two years, seven individuals successfully completed the Culinary Program. After completing their treatment program and achieving 12+ months sobriety, two of the students have joined Harbour Light’s kitchen staff, and a third went on to employment elsewhere in the culinary industry.

Client Advancement Program (CAP)
This new addition to our skills development aims to offer a next-step for clients who have demonstrated leadership, reliability, and drive as VWEP participants. Building on the skills learned in VWEP, clients in CAP gain new communication and organization skills, improve competency with basic computer functions, and learn leadership and mentorship skills.