Phase 1 - 90 Day Program

The first phase of our treatment program lays a strong foundation for your life in recovery. These 90 days are intensive, focusing on daily group counselling, individual counselling, and community support.

You’ll build a habit of community service and volunteerism by assisting with our daily community meal program. At the end of 90 days, you’ll have completed 200 hours of service – a remarkable accomplishment!

In weekly electives, you’ll gain new tools to manage grief and loss, anger, and co-dependency. You’ll begin to explore what spirituality means to you, in the context of your recovery.

As you settle into the program, you’ll start to play! Through the spring and summer, we play baseball on Fridays; in the fall and winter, we get creative in the art room. You may join our Joyful Noise choir, or share your musical talents through the backup band. You’ll have opportunities for a different outing each month – a hike, movie, activity, or other adventure.

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Sample Schedule for Phase 1 Program

7:00am Breakfast
7:30am Room Clean-Up
8:15am Reflections or Graduation
8:50am Small Group, Spirituality, or Gratitude Circle
10:40am Community Meal
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Small Group or Electives
2:00pm One-on-ones, acupuncture, or individual program work
4:00pm Community Meal (M/W/F)
5:15pm Dinner
Evening: 12-step meeting (Tu/W/F), Alumni Meeting (Th), ORT meeting, bible study (optional), peer support
9:20pm Snack
11:00pm Curfew (M-Th)
12:00am Curfew (F)

7:30am Continental Breakfast
10:00am Brunch
10:15am Prayer Group (Sundays, optional)
10:30am Step Group (Saturdays)
10:45am Sunday Service (Sundays, optional)
1:30pm Snack
4:00pm Community Meal
5:15pm Dinner
9:20pm Snack
11:00pm Curfew (Sun)
12:00am Curfew (Sat)