If you’re ready to seek recovery, or want to refer someone to our program, please read through this page for more information about our intake process. You can also check our FAQs for answers to many common questions about our program.

The Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light’s addiction treatment program currently serves adult (19+) men only.

How to Apply
1. Complete our intake application form (download the PDF here)
2. Send your referral form to our Intake Counsellor by fax (604) 682-1673 or email .
3. Phone our Intake Counsellor within 24 hours to confirm receipt of your referral, and learn more about our intake process.

When you call our Intake Counsellor, they may ask some follow-up questions to better understand what you are looking for in a treatment program, and what your individual needs are.

All applicants must provide results of a recent TB test. You can get tested most weekday mornings at the Downtown Community Health Clinic (569 Powell Street). Please ask them to fax your results to Harbour Light Treatment at (604) 682-1673.

Our program may have a waitlist for new intakes. If you are placed on the waitlist, it is your responsibility to leave a phone message with the Intake Counsellor once a week to maintain your place on the list.

What Happens Next?
If you are offered placement in the program, you’ll be given an appointment time for your intake. You’ll need to have 72 hours clean to come into the program. During your intake, you’ll be asked when you last used, and asked to provide a urinalysis and breathalyser sample. After successfully clearing your testing, you’ll start the formal intake process.

You’ll learn more about the program and daily schedule. You’ll work through paperwork with the Intake Counsellor to arrange your funding and confirm your information. You’ll go on a tour of the building, and be shown your room.

At first, you’ll be in our pre-treatment program, which ranges from 7-30 days, depending on your individual needs. This is time to work out your funding, stabilize if you are on a new dose of ORT, address any healthcare needs, and get to know the basics of our program and community.