Staff/Alumni Started Recovery After A Fateful Encounter

I was living on the street and using hard drugs. One day I ran into my brother and saw that he was clean and sober. I asked him how he got clean because that is what I very much wanted. He told me about The Salvation Army Harbour Light and how this place had changed his life completely. He convinced me that going to Detox then the Harbour Light Treatment Centre would be the best thing for me. I am so glad that I followed his advice!

My first impressions about Harbour Light were how amazing the staff were and how kind they were. I was amazed about the length of stay they offered, which was a year or more in treatment (not 6 weeks or less as offered by other treatment programs). Harbour Light offered the kind of treatment program I needed to be successful.

The staff at Harbour Light impacted me in a way that I had never experienced. They genuinely cared about me, gave me hope and showed me the way to a good life.

My life has changed so much since completing the HL treatment program. I have my daughter and all my family in my life again, my own apartment and amazing friends, many of whom I met through Harbour Light. I would not be where I am today without Harbour Light and am proud to say that I now work for The Salvation Army!

My advice to any newcomers to the Harbour Light Treatment Program is to stick it out, ask for help and get honest.

–Adam Thomas

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