Phase 2

Phase 2 of our program is focused on building your recovery living skills. You’ll maintain a similar schedule to Phase 1, but attend a Living Skills group on Wednesdays.

The goal of the Recovery Living Skills program is to create awareness and mindfulness of your habits, perspectives, and choices within a recovery context.

This Phase of the program is built around eight core modules:
1. Financial Management – from budgeting basics to financial triggers, this module explores the ways money can influence our choices and recovery
2. Career Exploration – in this module, you’ll consider your career history, work-related relapse risk factors, and goals for the future
3. Personality – learn more about personality types and tendencies, and how they interact with recovery and career goals
4. Step Work – delving deeper into some of the core concepts of the 12 Steps, particularly identifying how step work integrates into your daily life, and how to make the spiritual concepts more concrete.
5. Nutrition – learn more about the connections between nutrition, recovery, and emotional well-being with our Registered Dietitian
6. Relapse Prevention – explore what prevention means to you, and how to begin building regular habits that keep relapse at bay
7. Giving Back – this module explores the idea of giving back as a core component of recovery, and sets a foundation for Phase 3 responsibilities.
8. Sponsorship – you’ll learn more about peer support, and learn to set reasonable, ethical expectations about sponsorship in the 12-step community