Our Philosophy of Treatment

Change is possible. It comes from within.

Harbour Light believes that every individual who asks for help and engages in our programs is one who deserves to:
• Be treated with dignity, respect, understanding and kindness
• Be affirmed in their freedom to choose and their ability to effect change
• Be part of their treatment planning, goals and decisions
• Be treated in a safe, comfortable and needs-fulfilling environment
• Be offered second chances and beyond
• Be assessed and met at their point of readiness
• Be treated as a whole person – biological, psychological, social and spiritual.
• Be engaged in relationships with treatment staff who highly regard and respect appropriate boundaries
• Be served by treatment staff who are compassionate, educated, skilled and bound by professional ethics, principles and standards
• Be provided treatment that is based on evidence-based/best practices and best fit; and marked by innovation, creativity, and excellence
• Be treated in a program that engages in continuous quality improvement and strives for excellence
• Be accompanied on their journey of recovery for as long as is needed
• Be exposed to the love of God by our example, in the context of the gift of choice that is from God.
• Be the recipient of the very best we have to offer

The 12 Steps
Our program is rooted in the 12 Steps. You will be provided with a step guide from your counsellor.

• In Phase 1 (90 Day Program), you will complete steps 1, 2, and 3
• In Phase 2, you will complete steps 4 and 5.
• In Phase 3, you will complete steps 6 to 12.

Clients are required to attend four (4) meetings each week, in-house or in the community. We encourage peer support for step work, and you are required to choose a sponsor to share your step work with. A step group is part of program on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.. You are also always welcome to bring up step work issues in your one-on-ones or in group.