Fabric Masks for Frontline Workers

Lots of folks have been asking for ways to be of service to our dedicated frontline workers. We are so grateful for your encouragement and support! If you know how to sew, and have supplies you can contribute, we welcome donations of fabric non-medical masks. We will use these masks in low-risk interactions, to help us keep our germs to ourselves. These fabric masks don’t replace true PPE, but they may help us keep each other healthy.

What pattern should I use?  We recommend the 5 Minute Mask from the Protect our Frontlines Vancouver group, or the Deaconess pleated face mask (with ties or elastics). We also welcome the fitted style, like this one from Craft Passion; however, we’ve noticed that this version is more difficult to get a good fit for people who wear glasses.

Where can I drop them off? Our front desk at 119 East Cordova Street is staffed 24/7. Please ring the buzzer or knock when you arrive. Staff will either ask you to drop the bag beside the door, and come out to get it, OR buzz you in so you can drop the bag on the shelf at the front desk.

Can you pick up? Yes, we can do some pick ups, primarily in Vancouver and Burnaby. Please call 604-646-6800 and ask to speak with Marianne or Billy to arrange pick up. You will need to provide an address, contact name and phone number. Pick ups must be “no contact” – such as leaving a bag on your porch, or at your front gate.

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